What is the HRT pre-payment certificate?

If you pay for NHS prescribed HRT medicine 3 or more times in 12 months, an HRT PPC could save you money. This is a specially designed pre-payment certificate just for use when being prescribed HRT.

How much does the HRT pre-payment certificate cost?

Each item on an NHS prescription usually costs £9.90 (just changed as of 1 May 2024), but you can buy an HRT PPC for a one-off payment of £19.80 (the cost of two single items). This covers an unlimited number of certain HRT medicines for 12 months, regardless of why they are prescribed.

This is in contrast to a general pre-payment certificate which covers ALL medications, not just HRT and costs £32.05 (for 3 months) or £114.50 (for 12 months).

How to buy an HRT pre-payment certificate?

It’s really easy and quick. Head over the NHS-BSA website and click the button on the page to start the process. You will be led through a questionnaire. Once paid for, you’ll receive a certificate by email or post that you can store to show people if you need to. Email is instant though, whereas a paper copy takes 10 days. I did mine while sitting in the carpark outside the pharmacy!

You can also buy one from certain pharmacies directly.

What happens if I lose my certificate?

You can write to or telephone to ask for a replacement.

What does the HRT pre-payment certificate cover?

Sadly the HRT PPC does not (yet) cover all medications we use to help manage someone’s menopause symptoms. It’s important to check if yours is covered.

Testosterone is not covered, and progestogens such as norethisterone and provera are also not covered.

If you find yourself needing medications not covered by the HRT PPC, then you may be better off with the general 3- or 12- months one.

Also ensure that your prescriptions are printed out SEPARATELY (non-HRT on a separate prescription) because otherwise your pharmacy will process them ALL under your HRT PPC and this will lead to a fine.

Does the HRT pre-payment certificate automatically renew?

Unfortunately not, you’ll need to make sure you buy a new one when the previous one runs out. Make a note of when this is so you don’t forget!

Top Tips

  1. Before buying an HRT PPC, check if you’re entitled to free NHS prescriptions and other help with health costs using the NHS eligibility checker: https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/check-if-youre-eligible-help
  2. Keep a note on your calendar for when your certificate is due to run out. Some people have been caught out because they missed the alert from the NHS about the renewal and were fined for using an expired certificate.
  3. Ask your GP surgery to put your medication onto repeat. This has to be. set up by the practice manually. Then you can issue repeats yourself using the NHS app!
  4. If your HRT isn’t covered, and you’re open to trying something else, ask your GP to switch you to something on the HRT PPC list.

Final Thoughts

Our clinic doors are open if you’d like to discuss your peri-/post-menopause symptoms and need advice on treatment. Our clinic can also provide you with testosterone prescriptions if this is something you would like to try.

All you need to do is click this link and pick a package that you feel suits your needs.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr Nikki

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