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Thank you for attending "Learn about the Menopause". Here is a list of the resources I mentioned.

Our Speakers

Dr Nikki - The Female Health Doctor

Your host Dr Nikki is a Milton Keynes based cat-mum and passionate women's health advocate. She's a GP in Milton Keynes and has a background working in obstetrics and gynaecology in London where she achieved MRCOG.

She later transferred her skills to a community setting, and now works as a GP with Extended Role in Women's Health in Milton Keynes having set up a clinic hub at Milton Keynes Urgent Care Centre.

Her passions include menopause care, contraception provision and management of premature ovarian insufficiency.

Caroline - Mission Menopause

Caroline is a Co-founder of Mission Menopause and an executive workplace menopause coach.  

Prior to establishing Mission Menopause, Caroline’s professional HR experience spans over 25 years in the corporate hospitality and retail sector, where she held a senior executive role as Head of HR for a leading FTSE 250 hospitality brand whilst transitioning menopause herself!

Caroline understands the impact of menopause and the need for organisations to support and normalise this stage of life. Her passion is empowering women to understand and own their menopause and support organisations to implement menopause awareness management in the workplace.

Emma - Menopause Yoga Teacher

I’m a Yoga teacher based in Northamptonshire.  After completing my 300hr Hatha Yoga training with Whitespace in 2022, I love sharing my passion for yoga and compassionately hold spaces of calm to support in helping my yogis to relax and de-stress. Don't be fooled'll know your physical body has been working through our asana
practice too! My yoga teacher training with the wonderful Whitespace in
Stony Stratford
( )
deepened my practice; testing
me in ways I never expected it
to and helped to tune me into
my body and soul. I truly believe it showed me how to come home to the real me and live
the principles and teachings off the mat. As my life has changed, I’ve supplemented my initial learning with both restorative and menopause yoga training. There’s a yoga to suit every body; faster and stronger practice or slower and calming depending on what you

Natalie - Nutritionist & Women's Health Coach

Natalie helps busy women get organised, energised and feeling in total control of their hormones. It is possible to move from feeling tired, sluggish and hormonally challenged to thriving, energised and living in tune with hormones just as mother nature intended.

Having focused on improving her own personal health and the health of others over the past 15 years, Natalie has built a successful approach, coaching women towards making sustainable improvements in their health & wellbeing. Having analysed thousands of food diaries and food intolerance tests, Natalie can pinpoint exactly where you are missing out on nutrient rich foods and where potentially too many anti-nutrient foods are lingering leading to unwanted symptoms. 

You can be the master of your own health, with the knowledge and confidence to live a healthy lifestyle.

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